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Brad Pitt Reveals Jonah Hill Is His Favourite Sidekick

Brad Pitt Reveals Jonah Hill Is the Best Sidekick He's Ever Had

The promo tour for "Bullet Train" has been making us smile this summer as Brad Pitt has been having the most fun at screenings and premieres with fabulous heatwave-approved fashion choicesand leaping in front of the cameras — and his latest interview does not disappoint. He joined fellow castmate Aaron Taylor-Johnson to chat to Jordan North for BBC Radio 1 as the pair rate their looks, discuss wild parties, and the films they've turned down.

As kids wrote in to ask the actors difficult questions, Pitt reveals who his favourite sidekick has been. And no it's not George Clooney or Channing Tatum, but Jonah Hill in "Moneyball". And we can't say we'd argue with that. Pitt calls the actor "the greatest" as North said he thought he'd choose Leonardo DiCaprio, to which Pitt replies: "I think I was his sidekick."

The pair then get asked to rate their looks out of 10. Taylor-Johnson, who recently celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with film director wife Sam, gives himself a very modest six out of 10 as he jokes: "We're not narcissistic, vain people at all." Pitt steps in to give his fellow actor top marks to which Taylor-Johnson replies: "That's very generous — we know that ain't the truth." We'll have to agree to disagree with that one . . . Pitt, on the other hand, says his looks fluctuate throughout the day, peaking midmorning and postdinner.

Pitt is then given a little culture lesson as he is asked what he's having for tea. Taylor-Johnson has to explain that the word doesn't literally mean tea the drink, but is used to describe dinner or supper. "You really do learn something every day, don't you?" Pitt exclaims.

The interview then wraps up as the pair are asked if they've ever turned down a film. "I've passed on some major, major hits," says Pitt. "I have said no to some winners." He declines to reveal exactly what they are, but later hints that him and Taylor- Johnson "should share that list sometime." Who wouldn't love to see which blockbusters missed out on the Pitt treatment?

Watch their fun interview above, and catch "Bullet Train" in cinemas now.

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