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"No Time to Die" Figure Skating Routine by Joanna Allik

This Billie Eilish Skating Routine Feels Like the End of a Bond Movie

Billie Eilish's music just seems tailor-made for figure skating programs and gymnastics floor routines, and this skating routine set to "No Time to Die" is no exception. Performed by Estonian skater Johanna Allik at Bryant Park in New York City, the skating, camera work, and moody atmosphere is the perfect complement to Eilish's ominous Bond song. Even the carving sound of her skates on the ice matches up perfectly to the music.

The routine was filmed by On Ice Perspectives an ice skating cinematography channel that has teamed up to produce routines with Adam Rippon (set to "Shallow" from "A Start Is Born"), Olympic silver medalists Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron, and many other prominent skaters. The setting couldn't have been more perfect for this Billie Eilish routine — an urban nightscape, at twilight or just before dawn, in a totally empty rink. On the ice, Allik's sharp skating and graceful movements reflects the dark, introspective feel of the music, and it all comes together in a cinematic way that's sure to induce some chills. It ends just before the music starts to build, and Allik skates away with a mysterious smile that really does feel like the cliffhanger ending to James Bond film.

Get swept up in the full routine above.

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