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Gin and Jam Cocktail Recipe With Photos

Jam Jar Gin & Tonics are the Spring Cocktail You've Been Waiting For


I always thought that empty jam jars were perfect for overnight oats, but @hitchcockhappyhour on TikTok has opened my eyes to an entirely new (and more adult) use: a Jam Jar Gin & Tonic. This cocktail involves adding gin to your almost-empty jam jar and giving it a good shake to infuse the alcohol with the jam flavour. Then, in classic gin and tonic fashion, simply add tonic water, plus a splash of bitters if you like. The recipe recommends lavender bitters and cucumber tonic water to complement the notes of the gin, but the gin I used had more citrus notes, so I opted for citrus bitters and regular tonic water. The end result is a delightful floral cocktail that adds berry flavour and sweetness to a traditional gin and tonic. It has the perfect flavour and aesthetic for a springtime patio happy hour.

To make this cocktail, I recommend using a jam jar that's mostly empty but hasn't been scraped well (my jar had about a tablespoon of jam left) and shaking the gin without the ice first. When I shook my gin with ice, the jam got cold and solidified, which made it harder to mix with the gin. After running into this complication, I removed the ice and let the glass jar warm up, then I had no problem emulsifying the gin with the jam. The shaking process only took about two minutes. Once you have your gin-infused jam, I recommend adding the ice back in and shaking for about a minute, so that your cocktail is nice and cold. Next, simply pour into a cocktail glass, add bitters (optional) and tonic water, and serve, for a sweet, jammy treat. This adds a ton of flavour to the gin, and it couldn't be easier to make!

The only downside of this cocktail? I'm going to be buying a lot more jam.





Jam Jar Gin & Tonic

TikTok @hitchcockhappyhour

Gin and Jam Cocktail Recipe With Photos


  1. 1 mostly-empty jam jar
    2 oz. gin
    5 drops citrus or lavender bitters (optional)
    4 oz. tonic water


  1. Start by pouring the gin into your jam jar. Then, shake for about two minutes, or until most of the jam has mixed with the gin.
  2. Add ice to the jar, put the cap back on, and shake for another minute or so until it's nice and cold.
  3. Pour into a cocktail glass, add the bitters and tonic water, and then serve.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kaley Rohlinger