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How to Take the A/B/O Test From TikTok

TikTokers Who Love Fan Fiction Are Having a Field Day With This Viral A/B/O Test


I’m not surprised honestly (Link in comments☺️) #greenscreen #omegaverse #alpha #beta #omega

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Step aside, Colour Personality Test, because there's a new test making its rounds on TikTok — the A/B/O test! It stands for alpha, beta, and omega (all of which are letters of the Greek alphabet) and centres on the concept of dating in fan fiction. A/B/O got its recognition from the TV series Supernatural's fandom as someone's "secondary gender" and is now used worldwide as a fan-fiction kink trope. In other words, it determines how dominant you are in a relationship — an interesting fact to know whether you're into fan fiction or not. The 15-question Omegaverse test — available on uquiz — will determine which kink trope you are with a series of . . . I won't lie . . . bizarre questions. However, the end result is quite comical, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

How to Take the TikTok A/B/O Test

The A/B/O test is available on uquiz and will determine whether you're alpha, beta, or omega by asking a series of questions. To start, you must put in your name, and by the end, you'll be assigned your role as alpha, beta, or omega.

What Is an Alpha?

You've probably heard the term "alpha male" before, and if so, an alpha is essentially that — someone who is dominant and holds a position of power.

What Is a Beta?

A beta is more neutral in the sense that they hold both alpha and beta qualities. This is the most human-like of the three secondary genders.

What Is an Omega?

An omega is submissive and typically the one to carry the children. Omegas are sweet, nurturing, and usually smaller than alphas and betas.

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